Hosting Cask Ale Events book


Practical advice for preparing and serving real ale for the publican, homebrewer, and cask ale enthusiast



Join May Day Cask Festival organizer Randy Baril as he describes the basics of working with cask ale. From production to TOBI-ing, this book covers everything you need to know to cellar your own cask ale festival. Demystify the service of cask ale with this practical manual illustrating how to work with real ale in a variety of circumstances.

Topics include:

• How to Fill a Cask
• Serving Cask with a Gravity Tap
• Serving Cask with a Beer Engine
• Bringing Out the Best Flavor

Whatever your background, this is the book for you!

Looking of for some English inspiration? Check out Patrick O’Neill’s excellent Cellarmanship: The Definitive Guide to Storing, Serving and Caring for Cask Ale. Hosting Cask Ale Events is seen much more as a companion to this classic, albeit with a distinctly American flair. If you’re curious about the original, click the link above and buy it from Amazon. As a bonus, you earn me a bit of scratch in the process!

Homebrew shop or other interested in buying my book in quantity? I have wholesale pricing! Send me an e-mail at info at maydaycask dot org.

Our first review! From Yankee Brew News, December/January 2016/17 Volume 27, Number 6:

“Those who have attended cask ale events may not realize the efforts that are put into staging such an event. In this short and self-published technical book, Randy Baril (NERAX and May Day Cask Fest) shares his expertise in droves, opening the reader’s eyes to the many tasks that are involved. Dense and thorough, the books starts with basics, and moves quickly to the preparation and serving of casks from just a single cask to a more complicated festival. An interesting section on dry hopping and spicing includes a large table listing the aromatic qualities of various hops.”

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