Past Events

I’ve been running the May Day Cask Festival for a few years now. It is a lot of fun working with other homebrewers to bring the homebrew to the people. We’ve had a pretty varied line-up of beers in some pretty diverse venues.


The one that started them all! This one was really put on to test out the stillage and setup that I had proposed to the Wort Processors for the 2013 National Homebrewers’ Conference Club Night. The limited service space coupled with the extra-small tasting glasses lead to a self-organizing loop of very understanding beer enthusiasts. Here’s what was pouring: program. Held at the Masonic Temple in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA.



There wasn’t an “official” May Day Cask Festival this year but I did organize a small cask presentation at John Harvard’s Brewery and Ale House in Cambridge, MA. Three firkins and five pins of ale on a custom stillage. Cooling was a cold water circuit running through a cold plate submerged in the ice well.


The return of the May Day Cask Festival! By popular demand, I organized a follow-up at the French Club in Cambridge, MA. This time we had larger glassware and spread the service out over two tables with a third service point just for my Amber on handpump. Here’s what was pouring: program.

2015 finished stillage crop


I was going to take another year off and make this a bi-annual event, but a friend of mine convinced me to have it in his living room. His living room just happens to be an amazing rooftop loft with fantastic views of the Boston skyline. It’s a much smaller venue than any of the preceding but the intimate feel was very appropriate for what I was looking to accomplish. Here’s what was pouring: program.