This website is dedicated to spreading the word about a small homebrew-only cask event held regularly in the Boston area, usually at the end of April / beginning of May (although not yet on an actual May Day). We usually decide in February if we’re going to have one and quietly spread the word. Check out our past events.

There will be no 2017 May Day Cask Festival.

Sorry to say that there’s too much going on personally to pull it together. Come visit Randy at the following events:

  • Homebrewer’s Rally on Wednesday, 15 February at Cambridge Brewing Company
  • Coat of Arms in Portsmouth, NH on Monday, 27 February 2017 at 7:PM to celebrate cask ale at Portsmouth Beer Week
  • Homebrewer’s Rally on Tuesday, 21 March 2017 at Down the Road Brewery
  • NERAX 27 March – 1 April
  • Ipswich Cask & Clam festivities on both Thursday, 11 May (with a special talk at cask night!) and on Saturday, 13 May near the tapped casks.
  • Hyper-local Craft Brewfest, 9 June at the featured cask component.
  • NYC 12-15 July in a flurry of events to be spelled out later. Hmmm….

We remain completely unaffiliated with (but unabashedly inspired by) the folks who put together the NERAX festival. If you like what they do, you will probably like what we’re going for.

Here for the book?

Hosting Cask Ale EventsThis is the place to buy it! You are purchasing directly from the author with the vast majority of the purchase price supporting his efforts, less the production cost, Paypal fees, and USPS to get it to you. Want it signed? Put a request in the comments section of your order!